PTN 2023 – What a night!

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Wow, what a fantastic President’s Trophy Night! Thank you to everyone who came and supported our young performers this afternoon, as well as everyone who worked so hard behind the scenes to make the event happen. It was great to see the talent on stage, beaming with enthusiasm and excitement.
This year saw a new award judged and presented by our Accompanist, Dale Lingwood, the Working with Accompanist Award. Of the entrants who chose to be accompanied, this award concentrated on the synergy that must exist for a performance to be outstanding, an important facet of performing that is often overlooked.
Congratulations to each and every one of our finalists – you were amazing!
Results were:
Solo 9 years & under
  • 1st Maeve Byrne
  • 2nd Sahil Kumar
  • 3rd Lucy Fitzpatrick
Solo 10-13 years
  • 1st Henry Hedger
  • 2nd Lauren Kidd
  • 3rd Arelia Bravo
Solo 14-18 years
  • 1st Jacqui Trappett
  • 2nd Kate Brooks
  • 3rd Caitlin Trappett
Junior Group
  • 1st – Diya Kumar & Sahil Kumar
Senior Group
  • 1st – Jacqui Trappett & Kate Brooks
Junior Encouragement Award
  • Diya Kumar
Senior Encouragement Award
  • Lucy Loveland
Group Encouragement Award
  • Lucy Fitzpatrick, Jane Forday & Zalia Eagle
Working with Accompanist Award
  • Lauren Kidd
Vice-President’s Trophy
  • Jacqui Trappett
President’s Trophy
  • Henry Hedger
The photo is of our Presidents Trophy and Vice Presidents Trophy winners, Henry Hedger and Jacqui Trappett.