What is Poco Voci?

Poco Voci is the safe, fun and friendly choir where kids from Prep to grade 4 can start out on their singing adventure.

On Saturday afternoons, in Queensland Show Choir’s home at the beautiful Old Museum in Bowen Hills, the Poco Voci kids come together – kids from all over Brisbane who are not only learning music and movement skills that will stay with them for the rest of their lives, but who are also making new friends, gaining confidence, and having stacks of fun, too.

Louis leads Poco Voci kids learning age-appropriate songs for both choral and solo singing, are introduced to the basics of musicality such as beat, rhythm and reading music, and are also taught simple choreography. They’re offered opportunities to perform with the ensemble at QSC concerts, Christmas Carols and special events throughout the year. And when they graduate from Poco Voci they can move on to the Queensland Young Voices ensemble, where they’ll develop their singing, performance and musicality skills.

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Why is Poco Voci different to other kids’ choirs?

It’s a show choir

Forget standing still with hands by sides, singing hymns. In a show choir, the repertoire includes bright fun material, such as musical theatre, pop tunes and movie hits – songs the kids recognise and connect with.

There’s also simple choreography that goes with the singing, to get the kids moving and working on their fine motor skills – without them even realising!

Kids and their parents become part of the wonderful QSC community

Last, but very much not least, is the sense of belonging that comes when kids join Poco Voci. Every child who joins Poco Voci (and their parents or carers) are welcomed with open arms as part of the broader Queensland Show Choir Community, because QSC is one of the few choirs in Australia where three generations of single families sing in the various ensembles and where many choristers start as children and stay for life.

Queensland Show Choir itself hosts or takes part in concerts, fetes, social events and more – and there are always plenty of bigger kids around for aspiration, and to be mentored by. When your child joins Poco Voci, they’ll make friends for life.

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