From Thursday 14 April 2022, Queensland Show Choir has chosen to continue Vaccination and Check-in requirements (Fully vaccinated adults over 16 years, medically exempt adults and children up to 16 years) due to many of our members being of school age and our staff working in schools. Schools and Childcare are considered high risk settings by the Queensland Government and these are the requirements for these environments.

Vaccine mandates, including booster and children’s vaccines as set by the Queensland Government will be implemented as required. For Adults, Proof of vaccination status or proof of medical exemption is required at first rehearsal.

Density limits longer required apply, however physical distancing where possible, use of the Check In Qld app and hygiene measures still apply. Natural ventilation in the rehearsal space will be increased.

Masks are not required when singing at rehearsals, however, you are free to wear a mask if you choose.

If members are experiencing Covid-19 symptoms, are subject to isolation awaiting the results of a Covid test or are otherwise not feeling healthy and well, we ask that they do not attend ‘in person’ rehearsals or performances. For rehearsals, the majority of our ensembles have the option of Remote Rehearsals via Zoom.