“I believe in the values of our organisation. It is inclusive. It is caring. It is family.” Daniel Crump, Former Artistic Director, Queensland Show Choir

QSC Alumni

The QSC/QYC has been the launching pad of choir of choice for many accomplished singers and performers including:

David Kidd

Co-Producer of Brisbane Sings and Tenori.


Tarita Botsman

International opera singer, director, writer and founder of The 7 Sopranos

Craig Allister Young

Cellist with QSO (Queensland Symphony Orchestra), MD for Brisbane Sings and Symphony for Tomorrow, Song-writer, Composer


Deborah Rogers

International opera singer, soloist, member of The 7 Sopranos


Jason Barry-Smith

Opera singer, voice teacher, choral arranger and conductor

Queensland Show Choir President’s Trophy

Since the Queensland Show Choir’s priority and passion is developing the singing and performance skills of children and young adults, one of our key annual events is President’s Trophy Night (PTN).

The first PTN was created by Queensland Youth Choir (QYC) founder Robert Clark in 1987. The first winner was Andrea Gallagher, sister of Simon Gallagher, and it was held in the Windsor Community Hall. This was envisaged as a one-off event, but was eventually repeated a few years later and has became an annual event in the QYC, and later, Queensland Show Choir’s calendar ever since.

PTN is where our younger members get to perform, have fun and develop artistically, in a safe environment in either solo or small group acts. The event is run in a talent quest format with members performing in heats, usually to a smaller audience with finalists selected to compete on finals night (PTN). Finalists are grouped into categories and judged on performance and musicianship and are given constructive feedback to further their growth. As well as prizes and trophies in each of the categories, the overall winner is awarded the President’s Trophy, a perpetual trophy, proudly on display in our rehearsal space.

There has been a varied line-up of judges over the years – including various members of the Queensland Parliament, the Theatre Industry and leading figures in the Arts Community, however in recent years we have opted for musical professionals to ensure the level of mentoring is the most beneficial for our young members.