Brisbane Sings

Brisbane Sings 2021

Whilst Brisbane Sings had planned to take a year off in 2020, it hadn’t planned for Covid-19 to still be part of our lives in 2021, and it was obvious that the mass choir concert concept would not be possible for a traditional Brisbane Sings in 2021. As they say, “The show must go on” and an alternative format was created. Based on a concept developed and formulated by Phillipa Reid, QSC embarked on creating a product showcasing all that is community and all that is Brisbane. An original song with original lyrics, all about Brisbane titled Riversong, was composed by Kate Schirmer and arranged for choral singing by Margaret Tesch-Muller.  And then just like a regular Brisbane Sings, we invited community choirs from around Brisbane to sing and perform Riversong with us and make a Music Video, showcasing choirs singing at famous Brisbane landmarks, both individually and together in true Brisbane Sings tradition. A Celebration worthy of carrying the Brisbane Sings name.

You can view the final product by clicking on the video link below and to keep the Brisbane Sings charity spirit alive, we will be making the Riversong Sheet music available for purchase and the soundtrack will be available on streaming services with all profits going to support our nominated charity.


The Story of Brisbane Sings

Brisbane Sings has been a highlight of the Queensland Show Choir’s annual event line up for a number of years and has become a favourite on the Brisbane Artistic scene.

The origins of Brisbane Sings date back to 1993 and was originally produced by David Kidd and Craig Allister Young . This concert featured the largest massed choir then assembled in Queensland – 500 voices in conjunction with the Queensland Youth Orchestra. The event was a huge success filling the Concert Hall at QPAC over two performances. There were plans to make the concert a yearly event, however the two producers were busy pursuing professional music careers overseas.

Fast-forward over twenty years and Brisbane Sings feels like it never left. The concept of having a mass choir made up from community musical organisations, of all ages, sharing the stage is a celebration of the passion for the art of singing. Many of our choirs are performing together for the first time, learning, from the diversity of styles and choral approaches on offer and all for the enjoyment of our audience.  The concert builds on the Queensland Show Choir’s mission to create memorable and lasting experiences for its members but it’s also about making new friends. Details of past shows from 2012 – 2019 are available on the Brisbane Sings Website.

Brisbane Sings 2023?

We are planning on bringing Brisbane Sings back to the stage with a new concert in 2023. Stay tuned to the  Brisbane Sings Website and the Queensland Show Choir website with updates on how to experience Brisbane Sings in 2023.

Last Updated: 25/3/2022